Husqvarna Lawn Mower Accessory 968999211 User Manual

968999211 / CZ48  
Parts Manual  
48 Inch Consumer Z  
Grass Catcher  
MANUAL NO. 1140207-26 REV. 01 (03/13/06)  
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Safety Instructions  
These instructions are for your safety. Read them carefully.  
This symbol means that important safety instructions need to be emphasized.  
It concerns your safety.  
General Use  
Read all instructions in this operator’s  
manual and on the machine before starting  
it. Ensure that you understand them and  
then abide by them.  
Learn how to use the machine and its  
controls safely and learn how to stop quickly.  
Also learn to recognize the safety decals.  
Only allow the machine to be used by adults  
who are familiar with its use.  
Make sure nobody else is in the vicinity of the  
machine when you start the engine, engage  
the drive, or run the machine.  
Read the operator’s manual before starting the  
Make sure animals and people maintain a  
safe distance from the machine.  
Stop the machine if someone enters the  
work area.  
Clear the area of objects such as stones,  
toys, steel wire, etc. that may become  
caught in the blades and thrown out.  
Beware of the discharge deck and do not  
point it at any one. Do not use the machine  
without the discharge deck in place.  
Stop the engine and prevent it from start-ing  
before you clean the discharge deck.  
Clear the area of objects before mowing  
Remember that the operator is responsible  
for dangers or accidents.  
Never take passengers. The machine is only  
intended for use by one person.  
Always look down and behind before and  
during reversing maneuvers. Keep a look out  
for both large and small obstacles.  
Slow down before turning.  
Shut down the blades when not mowing.  
Never take passengers  
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Be careful when rounding fixed objects, so  
that the blades do not hit them. Never drive  
over foreign objects.  
Engine exhaust and certain  
vehicle components contain  
or emit chemicals considered  
to cause cancer, birth defects,  
or other reproductive system  
damage. The engine exhaust  
contains carbon monoxide,  
which is a colorless, poisonous  
gas. Do not use the machine  
in enclosed spaces.  
Only use the machine in daylight or in other  
well-lit conditions. Keep the machine a safe  
distance from holes or other irregularities in  
the ground. Pay attention to other possible  
Never use the machine if you are tired, if  
you have consumed alcohol, or if you are  
taking other drugs or medication that can  
affect your vision, judgment, or  
Beware of traffic when working near or  
crossing a road.  
Never leave the machine unsupervised with  
the engine running. Always shut down the  
blades, pull back the parking brake, stop the  
engine, and remove the ignition key before  
leaving the machine.  
Never allow children or other persons not  
trained in the use of the machine to use or  
service it. Local laws may regulate the age  
of the user.  
Keep children away from the work area  
When using the machine, approved personal protective equipment shall be  
used. Personal protective equipment cannot eliminate the risk of injury but it  
will reduce the degree of injury if an accident does happen. Ask your retailer  
for help in choosing the right equipment.  
Make sure that you have first aid equipment  
close at hand when using the machine.  
Never use the machine when barefoot.  
Always wear protective shoes or boots,  
preferably with steel toecaps.  
Always wear approved protective glasses or  
a full visor when assembling or driving.  
Never wear loose clothing that can get  
caught in moving parts.  
Personal protective equipment  
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Driving on Slopes  
Driving on slopes is one of the operations where the  
risk is greatest that the driver will lose control or the  
machine will tip over, which can result in serious  
injury or death. All slopes require extra caution. If  
you cannot reverse up a slope or if you feel unsure,  
do not mow the slope.  
Do as follows  
Remove obstacles such as stones,  
tree branches, etc.  
Mow up and down, not side-to-side.  
Never drive the rider on terrain that slopes more  
than 10°.  
Avoid starting or stopping on a slope. If the tires  
begin to slip, shut down the blades and drive  
slowly down the slope.  
Mow up and down, not side-to-side  
Always drive evenly and slowly on slopes.  
Make no sudden changes in speed or direction.  
Avoid unnecessary turns on slopes, and if it  
proves necessary, turn slowly and gradually  
downward, if possible.  
Watch out for and avoid driving over furrows,  
holes, and bumps. On uneven terrain, the  
machine can tip more easily. Long grass can  
hide obstacles.  
Drive slowly. Use small movements of the  
steering controls.  
Be extra cautious with any additional  
equipment, which can alter the machine’s  
Be extra cautious when driving on slopes  
Do not mow near verges, ditches, or banks.  
The machine can suddenly spin around if a  
wheel goes over the edge of a drop or ditch, or  
if an edge gives way.  
Do not mow wet grass. It is slippery, and the  
tires can lose their grip, so that the machine  
Try not to stabilize the machine by putting a foot  
on the ground.  
When cleaning the chassis, the machine may  
never be driven near verges or ditches.  
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Serious accidents may occur if you fail to be  
on guard for children in the vicinity of the  
machine. Children are often attracted to the  
machine and mowing work. Never assume  
that children will stay put where you last saw  
Keep children away from the mowing area  
and under close supervision by another  
Keep an eye out and shut off the machine if  
children enter the work area.  
Before and during a reversing maneuver,  
look backward and downward for small  
Never allow children to operate the machine  
Never allow a child to ride with you. They can  
fall off and injure themselves seriously or  
prevent risk-free maneuvering of the  
Never allow children to operate the machine.  
Be particularly cautious near corners,  
bushes, trees, or other objects that block  
your view.  
The engine must not be started when the driver’s floor plate or any protective  
plate for the mower deck’s drive belt is removed.  
Stop the engine. Prevent the engine from  
starting by removing the ignition key before  
making any adjustments or performing  
Never fill the fuel tank indoors.  
Fuel and fuel fumes are poisonous and  
extremely flammable. Be especially cautious  
when handling fuel, as carelessness can  
result in personal injury or fire.  
Only store fuel in containers approved for the  
Never remove the fuel tank cap and never fill  
the fuel tank while the engine is running.  
Never fill the fuel tank indoors  
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Allow the engine to cool before refueling. Do  
not smoke. Do not fill fuel in the vicinity of  
sparks or open flames.  
If leaks arise in the fuel system, the engine  
must not be started until the problem has been  
The engine, the exhaust system,  
and the hydraulic system’s  
components become very warm  
during operation.  
Store the machine and fuel in such a way that  
there is no risk of leaking fuel or fuel vapor  
leading to damages.  
Risk for burns if touched.  
Check the fuel level before each use and leave  
space for the fuel to expand, because the heat  
from the engine and the sun may otherwise  
cause the fuel to expand and overflow.  
Avoid overfilling. If you spill fuel on the machine,  
wipe up the spill and wait until it has evaporated  
before starting the engine. If you have spilled  
fuel on your clothing, change your clothing.  
The battery contains lead and  
lead compounds, chemicals  
that are considered to cause  
cancer, birth defects, and  
other reproductive system  
damage. Wash your hands  
after touching the battery.  
Allow the machine to cool before taking any  
actions in the engine compartment.  
Be very careful when handling battery acid.  
Acid on skin can cause serious corrosive  
burns. If you spill battery acid on your skin,  
rinse immediately with water.  
Acid in the eyes can cause blindness, contact  
a doctor immediately.  
Be careful when servicing the battery.  
Explosive gases form in the battery. Never  
perform maintenance on the battery when  
smoking or near open flames or sparks. The  
battery can explode and cause serious injury/  
Ensure that nuts and bolts, especially the  
fastening bolts for the blade attachments, are  
properly tightened and that the equipment is in  
good condition.  
Do not modify safety equipment. Check  
regularly to be sure it works properly. The  
machine must not be driven with defective or  
unmounted protective plates, protective  
cowlings, safety switches, or other protective  
Do not smoke when performing maintenance on  
the battery. The battery can explode and cause  
serious injury/damage  
Do not change the settings of governors and  
avoid running the engine with overly high  
engine speeds. If you run the engine too fast,  
you risk damaging the machine components.  
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Never use the machine indoors or in spaces  
lacking proper ventilation. The exhaust fumes  
contain carbon monoxide, an odorless,  
poisonous, and lethal gas.  
Stop and inspect the equipment if you run over  
or into anything. If necessary, make repairs  
before starting.  
Never make adjustments with the engine  
The machine is tested and approved only with  
the equipment originally provided or  
recommended by the manufacturer.  
The blades are sharp and can cause cuts and  
gashes. Wrap the blades or use protective  
gloves when handling them.  
Never drive the machine in an enclosed space  
Check the parking brake’s functionality  
regularly. Adjust and service as necessary.  
The mulch deck shall only be used when  
higher quality mowing is desired in familiar  
Reduce the risk of fire by removing grass,  
leaves, and other debris that may have  
accumulated on the machine. Allow the  
machine to cool before putting it in storage.  
The machine is heavy and can cause serious  
crushing injuries. Be extra cautious when it is  
loaded on or unloaded from a vehicle or trailer.  
Clean the machine regularly  
Use an approved trailer to transport the  
machine. Activate the parking brake, turn off  
the fuel supply, and fasten the machine with  
approved fastening devices, such as bands,  
chains, or ropes, when transporting.  
The parking brake is not sufficient to  
lock the machine in place during  
transport. Ensure that the machine is  
well fastened to the transport vehicle.  
Reverse the machine onto the transport  
vehicle to avoid tipping it over.  
Check and abide by local traffic regulations  
before transporting or driving the machine on  
any road.  
DO NOT operate mower with grass catcher,  
unless the front weights are installed.  
Grass catcher components are subject to  
wear, damage, and deterioration, which  
could expose moving parts or allow objects  
to be thrown. Frequently check components  
and replace with manufacturer’s recom-  
mended parts, when necessary.  
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3 - Container Tops  
3 - Container Bottoms 4 - Bolts 3/8-16 x 4 1/2"  
2 - Straps  
Remove all parts and packing materials  
from carton.  
1 - Upper Chute  
1 - Lower Chute  
1 - Catcher Mount  
1 - Cover Assembly  
2 - Front Weights  
4 - Nuts 3/8-16, centerlock  
2 - Bolts 5/16-18 x 1 1/4"  
4 - Washers 5/16, flat  
2 - Washers, support  
2 - Nuts 5/16-18, nyloc  
Check carton contents against list. Be sure  
all parts are there.  
(2) 1/2" Wrenches  
(1) 9/16" Wrench  
(1) 9/16" Socket wrench  
NOTE: When right hand (R.H.) and left hand (L.H.) are mentioned in this manual, it means when you  
are seated on the mo