Stiga Lawn Mower 13 6103 19 User Manual

Stiga Park Compact 16  
The smallest mower in the range with genuine articulated steering  
The clever combination of a front mounted deck with genuine  
articulated steering makes it easy to mow around bushes, trees,  
fences and into corners. The back wheels follow the track of  
those up front. You no longer need to worry about the rear sec-  
tion bumping into obstacles and you can fully concentrate on  
The front mounted deck is easy to use, clean and maintain. There  
are a 95 cm and a 105 cm Combi deck with Multiclip and rear dis-  
charge. The Multiclip system cuts and fertilises the lawn at the  
same time. No need for raking or emptying a collector.  
The Compact 16 comes with a lot of features like electric start,  
foot-controlled attachment lift, adjustable comfort seat with high  
backrest and wide 16’ tyres.  
Equipped with an environment friendly and quiet engine. The  
hydrostatic drive allowes you vary the speed infinitely.  
March 13, 2008  
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