Stiga Lawn Mower 11 5234 53 User Manual

Stiga Multiclip 50 Rental  
A lawnmower with the effective Multiclip system.  
The Multiclip system cuts and fertilises the lawn. It also makes the  
lawnmower quieter. You dont need to rake or empty a collector.  
You cut the grass about 30 % faster compared to collecting.  
Equipped with the new STIGA RM 45 engine that has a genuine  
float carburettor, which makes it extremely easy to start. And a  
balanced crankshaft that gives lower vibrations and a longer life.  
This comfortable lawnmower is very well equipped with a sturdy  
galvanised deck, double ball bearing wheels, adjustable handle for  
cutting close to walls, central height adjustment and a friction  
blade holder that protects the engine if you hit solid objects. The  
unique Anti Vibration System gives very low vibrations in the han-  
Cutting width is 48 cm.  
January 25, 2008  
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