Land Pride Lawn Mower 356 142A User Manual

Wiring Harness Update Kit  
Assembly Instructions  
Razor Series ZR44 & ZR52  
Manual No. 356-141M  
Before You Start  
Instructions For Kit No 356-142A  
A detailed listing of parts for wiring harness update kit  
No. 356-142A is provided on page 4. Use this list as a  
checklist to inventory parts received.  
When you see this symbol, the subsequent  
instructions and warnings are serious - follow  
without exception. Your life and the lives of  
others depend on it!  
1. Park mower on a flat surface and move control levers  
to park.  
These instructions contain only information required to  
assemble the Wiring Harness Kit to the Razor Series  
ZR44 & ZR52 Riding Mowers. A detailed Operator’s  
Manual was supplied with the Razor. Refer to the  
Operator’s Manual for additional specific information  
especially information relating to safety concerns. Also  
included in the Operator’s Manual is important  
information on operation, adjustment, troubleshooting,  
and maintenance for this attachment (some manual  
sections do not apply to all options).  
2. Turn off engine and remove ignition key.  
3. Raise seat deck fully up.  
Refer to Figure 1:  
4. Disconnect negative ground wire (black wire) from  
the battery’s negative post ( - ). Place ground wire in  
a location where it cannot touch the battery posts.  
A separate Parts Manual for replacement parts can be  
purchased from your dealer or available free of charge at  
handy when placing an order.  
Negative Post (-)  
Manual Part Numbers:  
• Operator’s Manual . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .356-059M  
• Parts Manual . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 356-059P  
General Information  
Remove Ground Battery Connection  
Figure 1  
Some ZR44 & ZR52 Razors may be experiencing a small  
drain on the battery when units are parked and the  
ignition off. Over time this small electrical drain can  
deplete the battery to a point that it fails to start the  
mower. If a unit is experiencing a repeated battery  
discharge for no obvious reason, installation of this  
simple kit will eliminate that condition.  
Refer to Figure 2:  
5. Check battery drain with an amp meter by placing  
black probe on the negative battery post and red  
probe on the ground wire as shown. A drain of 7  
milliamps or more is an indication that it would be  
helpful to install this wiring harness kit.  
These assembly instructions apply to the Razor ZR44  
and ZR52 Kit Number:  
7 milliamps  
or greater  
Tools required:  
Electrical Tape  
Wire Cutters  
Red Probe  
Wire Stripper  
Electrical Wire Crimpers  
Two 10 mm Metric Wrenches  
Black Probe  
Terminal Removal Tool or  
a Small Thin Bladed Screw Driver  
Negative Post (-)  
Ground wire  
Battery Drain Check  
Figure 2  
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