Hayter Mowers Lawn Mower 496G User Manual

Harrier 48/56 Pro  
496G & 566G  
Original Version (EN)  
ISSUE: 20.12.10  
PART NUMBER: 111-3523 (B)  
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Thank you for purchasing a Hayter mower. The following pages are designed to help you  
gain safe and efficient service from your machine.  
Use of non standard parts or any arbitrary modifications carried out on this machine may  
relieve Hayter Limited of liability for any resulting damage or injury.  
IMPORTANT: This ‘Owners Handbook’ should be regarded as part of the mower as it  
gives essential information regarding mower safety, operation, maintenance and specifica-  
tions. Read and understand this handbook prior to operating your mower for the first time.  
Make sure you are familiar with all the controls and points of regular maintenance. If you  
have any doubts, consult your local Hayter authorised dealer who will be pleased to give  
you assistance.  
Hayter mowers are robustly constructed and designed for efficient economical perform-  
ance under normal mowing conditions. Correct operation and maintenance will ensure a  
long and satisfactory service life. Prior to despatch from our factory every effort is made  
to ensure that your mower is delivered in perfect condition.  
Throughout this handbook all references to left and right are as viewed from behind the  
handlebar, in the direction of forward travel.  
IMPORTANT: This mower is designed solely for use in a domestic grass cutting  
environment. Use in any other way is considered as contrary to the intended use. Compli-  
ance with and strict adherence to the conditions of operation, service and repair as speci-  
fied in this handbook also constitute essential elements of the intended use.  
This mower should be operated, serviced and repaired only by persons who are familiar  
with its particular characteristics and who are acquainted with the relevant safety proce-  
This handbook is based on information available at the time of publication.  
HAYTER LIMITED reserve the right to amend product specifications without prior  
The safety precautions listed in this handbook and all other generally recognised regula-  
tions on safety must be observed at all times.  
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