Alamo Lawn Mower 02988075P User Manual

Boom Arm  
Rev 02-12  
Part No.02988075P  
An Operator's Manual was shipped with the equipment in the Manual Canister.  
This Operator's Manual is an integral part of the safe operation of this machine  
and must be maintained with the unit at all times. READ, UNDERSTAND, and  
FOLLOW the Safety and Operation Instructions contained in this manual before  
operating the equipment. If the Operator's Manual is not with the equipment,  
contact your dealer or Alamo Industrial (800-356-6286) to obtain a Free copy  
before operating the equipment.  
1502 E. Walnut  
Seguin, Texas 78155  
© 2012 Alamo Group Inc.  
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All implements with moving parts are potentially hazardous. There is no substitute for a cautious, safe-minded operator who recog-  
nizes the potential hazards and follows reasonable safety practices. The manufacturer has designed this implement to be used with  
all its safety equipment properly attached to minimize the chance of accidents.  
BEFORE YOU START!!Read the safety messages on the implement and shown in your manual.  
Observe the rules of safety and common sense!  
Read and understand the completeWarranty Statement found in this Manual. Fill out theWarranty Registration Form in full and return  
it within 30 Days. Make certain the Serial Number of the Machine is recorded on the Warranty Card and on the Warranty Form that  
you retain. The use of "will-fit" parts will void your warranty and can cause catastrophic failure with possible injury or death.  
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