Addlogix Lawn Mower MAC1700RMA User Manual

13 amp fuse  
approved to BS1362  
Blue to N  
Brown L  
Outer sleeve  
firmly clamped  
Cable grip  
Thank you for purchasing a MacAllister product. We are confident that this product will meet and exceed your  
expectations of quality and reliability. Please take the time to carefully read this entire instruction manual  
before using your new product, and take note of the basic safety precautions contained herein.  
MacAllister Power Tools,  
1 Hampshire Corporate Park, Chandlers Ford,  
Eastleigh, Hants S053 3YX, U.K.  
MacAllister Power Tools,  
1 Hampshire Corporate Park, Chandlers Ford,  
Eastleigh, Hants S053 3YX, U.K.  
Caution: Carefully read this entire Instruction Manual before using this product  
Technical Helpline 0845 300 2577  
Technical Helpline 0845 300 2577  
PMS Black U  
Code: MAC1700RMA(B&Q)  
Date: 051228 Edition: 9  
PMS Warm Red U  
Op: DTR  
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I -  
Parts list  
II - Technical data  
III - Safety instructions  
IV - Getting started  
V - Operation  
VI - Maintenance and repair  
VII - Guarantee  
VIII - EC Declaration of conformity  
I - Parts list  
II - Technical data  
1. Upper handle  
2. Power button  
Voltage:.....................................230–240V ~ 50 Hz  
Motor power:...............................................1700W  
No-load speed:.....................................4500min-1  
Cutting width (swathe):........................36cm (14”)  
Cutting heights:  
3. Power on indicator  
4. Motor on/off grip (x 2)  
5. Power cable  
6. Motor cable  
With blue spacer in place...................................  
5 (16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 45mm and 60mm)  
With blue spacer removed.................................  
5 (22mm, 31mm, 41mm, 51mm and 66mm)  
Grass box capacity:..................................34 litres  
Approximate weight:.....................................16 kg  
7. Handle joint (x 2)  
8. Handle twist lock (x 2)  
9. Wing knob (x 2)  
10. Power cable tidy  
11. Blade spanner  
12. Motor cable saddle clip (x 2)  
13. Hinged cover  
14. Cover latch  
15. Mower body  
16. Height adjustment lever  
17. Lower handle  
18. Lower handle fixing clip (x 2)  
19. Grass box  
A weighted sound pressure level:..........83 dB(A)  
A weighted sound power level:...........95.8 dB(A)  
Declared guaranteed sound power level:  
.............................................................96 dB(A)  
Typical weighted vibration:.....................4.76m/s2  
20. Wheel (x 4)  
21. Front handle  
22. Blade  
23. Blade bolt  
The sound intensity level for the operator  
may exceed 85dB(A) and sound protection  
measures are necessary  
24. Blade height spacer (blue)  
25. Blade height spacer (yellow)  
26. Filter cover  
27. Filter  
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III - Safety instructions  
e) Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and  
balance at all times. This enables better control  
of the power tool in unexpected situations.  
f) Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing  
or jewellery. Keep your hair, clothing, and  
gloves away from moving parts. Loose clothes,  
jewellery or long hair can be caught in moving  
g) If devices are provided for the connection of  
dust extraction and collection facilities, ensure  
that these are connected and properly used.  
Use of these devices can reduce dust-related  
Inspect and maintain the mower regularly. Have the  
mower repaired only by an authorised repairer.  
If power cord is damaged, only have it repaired or  
replaced by an authorised service centre.  
Check that all grass cuttings and dirt have been  
removed from the ventilation vents.  
WARNING. Read all instructions. Failure to follow all  
instructions listed below may result in electric shock,  
fire and/or serious personal injury. The term “power  
tool” in all of the warnings listed below refers to your  
mains-operated (corded) power tool or battery-operated  
(cordless) power tool.  
Only use this Lawn Mower when a Residual Current  
Device (RCD) with a tripping current of not more than  
30mA is in the circuit.  
If an extension cord is used make sure it is for outdoor  
use and marked as such. The recommended size  
of extension cord is not lighter than 1.5mm2 and a  
maximum of 10 metres in length.  
When not in use, store the mower out of the reach of  
children and infirm people.  
Completely uncoil your extension cable before use  
to prevent overheating and loss of mower efficiency.  
When tidying away the cable, wind it carefully to avoid  
WARNING. In order to reduce the risk, disconnect the  
plug from the supply power, only use recommended  
accessories as required, otherwise personal injury may  
a) Keep work area clean and well lit. Cluttered and  
dark areas invite accidents.  
b) Do not operate power tools in explosive  
atmospheres, such as in the presence of  
flammable liquids, gases, or dust. Power tools  
create sparks which may ignite the dust or fumes.  
c) Keep children and bystanders away while  
operating a power tool. Distractions can cause  
you to lose control.  
WARNING. After switching off the machine, the cutting  
blade continues to rotate for a few more seconds.  
Do not use the machine to cut grass which is not on  
the ground. For example, do not cut grass which is on  
Do not switch on the machine in enclosed or poorly  
ventilated spaces or in the presence of inflammable  
and/or explosive substances such as liquids, gasses  
and powders.  
Always stop the mower and switch off at the mains  
when cutting is delayed, emptying the grass box or  
when walking from one cutting location to another.  
Do not cross roads or gravel paths with the machine  
still running.  
Do not move the machine by pulling on the electrical  
cable. Always use the handgrip.  
Keep a balanced and stable stance while using the  
Ensure that the area being cut is free from strings,  
stones and debris. Remove any objects that could be  
thrown during cutting or could wind around the cutting  
If you hit or become entangled with a foreign object,  
stop the motor and disconnect from the mains  
immediately to check for damage. Repair any damage  
before further operation is attempted. Do not operate  
the mower with loose or damaged parts.  
Do not cut against hard objects. This could cause  
injury to the operator and damage to the machine.  
Keep your hands, face and feet away from all moving  
a) Do not force the power tool. Use the correct  
power tool for your application. The correct  
power tool will do the job better and safer at the  
rate for which it was designed.  
b) Do not use the power tool if the switch does  
not turn it on and off. Any power tool that cannot  
be controlled with the switch is dangerous and  
must be repaired.  
c) Disconnect the plug from the power source  
before making any adjustments, changing  
accessories, or storing power tools. Such  
preventive safety measures reduce the risk of  
starting the power tool accidentally.  
d) Store idle power tools out of the reach of  
children and do not allow persons unfamiliar  
with the power tool or these instructions  
to operate the power tool. Power tools are  
dangerous in the hands of untrained users.  
e) Maintain power tools. Check for misalignment  
or binding of moving parts, breakage of parts,  
and any other condition that may affect the  
power tools operation. If damaged, have the  
power tool repaired before use. Many accidents  
are caused by poorly maintained power tools.  
f) Keep cutting tools sharp and clean. Properly  
maintained cutting tools with sharp cutting edges  
are less likely to bind and are easier to control.  
g) Use the power tool, accessories and tool bits  
etc., in accordance with these instructions and  
in the manner intended for the particular type  
of power tool, taking into account the working  
conditions and the work to be performed. Use  
of the power tool for operations different form  
intended could result in a hazardous situation.  
Frequently inspect the condition of the cutting blades.  
Damaged blades must be replaced immediately. Blunt  
blades should be sharpened. Follow all the required  
precautions when replacing the blades.  
Before use check the supply and extension cord  
for signs of damage or ageing. If the cord becomes  
damaged during use, disconnect the cord from the  
supply immediately. DO NOT TOUCH THE CORD  
Do not use the appliance if the cord is damaged or  
Read the instructions carefully. Be familiar with the  
controls and proper use of the equipment.  
Keep extension cord away from cutting blades.  
Wear eye and ear protection. Wear dust protection  
if the mowing action causes the raising of dust or  
a) Power tool plugs must match the outlet. Never  
modify the plug in any way. Do not use any  
adapter plugs with earthed (grounded) power  
tools. Unmodified plugs and matching outlets will  
reduce risk of electric shock.  
b) Avoid body contact with earthed or grounded  
surfaces such as pipes, radiators, ranges  
and refrigerators. There is an increased risk of  
electric shock if your body is earthed or grounded.  
c) Do not expose power tools to rain or wet  
conditions. Water entering a power tool will  
increase the risk of electric shock.  
d) Do not abuse the cord. Never use the cord for  
carrying, pulling or unplugging the power tool.  
Keep cord away from heat, oil, sharp edges  
or moving parts. Damaged or entangled cords  
increase the risk of electric shock.  
e) When operating a power tool outdoors, use an  
extension cord suitable for outdoor use. Use of  
a cord suitable for outdoor use reduces the risk of  
electric shock.  
Never allow children, infirm people or people  
unfamiliar with these instructions to use the rotary  
collect mower.  
Avoid using the mower, while people, especially  
children and the infirm, or pets are nearby.  
Use the mower only in daylight or good artificial light.  
Do not operate the mower unless the grass box is in  
Never operate the mower with a damaged base.  
Never operate the appliance with defective guards  
or shields, or without safety devices, for example  
deflectors and/or grass catcher, in place.  
When starting up and when the machine is in  
operation, keep the cutting section away from all parts  
of the body, especially the hands and feet.  
Do not start the machine when it is not in the operating  
If possible, avoid cutting wet grass.  
Exercise proper caution when mowing on sloping  
ground. Watch your footing and wear non-slip  
footwear. Mow along the slope not up and down it. Do  
not mow on steep slopes. Be especially cautious when  
changing direction on slopes – stand above the mower  
to avoid risk of injury.  
a) Stay alert, watch what you are doing and  
use common sense when operating a power  
tool. Do not use a power tool while you are  
tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol,  
or medication. A moment of inattention while  
operating power tools may result in serious  
personal injury.  
b) Use safety equipment. Always wear eye  
protection. Safety equipment such as a dust  
mask, non-skid safety shoes, hard hat, or hearing  
protection used for appropriate conditions will  
reduce personal injuries.  
c) Avoid accidental starting. Ensure the switch is  
in the off-position before plugging in. Carrying  
power tools with your finger on the switch or  
plugging in power tools that have the switch on  
invites accidents.  
d) Remove any adjusting key or wrench before  
turning the tool on. A wrench or a key that is left  
attached to a rotating part of the power tool may  
result in personal injury.  
Never operate the mower barefoot or when wearing  
open sandals or canvas shoes.  
a) Have your power tool serviced by a qualified  
repair personnel using only identical  
replacement parts. This will ensure that the  
safety of the power tool is maintained.  
Thoroughly inspect the mower for loose or damaged  
parts before each use. Do not use the unit until  
adjustments or repairs are made.  
Do not mow by pulling the machine towards you.  
When mowing, keep the cable away from the mower.  
Your direction of work should be away from the power  
point. Mow in straight lines, not in circles.  
Always keep hands and feet away from rotating parts.  
When the machine is not in use, store it in a dry, and  
high or locked-up place, out of reach of children.  
Check the grass catcher frequently for wear or  
After use, disconnect the machine from the power  
supply and check for damage. If you have the slightest  
doubts, check with an authorised service centre.  
Only use the machine according to the instructions  
given in this manual.  
Use only the manufacturer’s recommended  
replacement parts and accessories.  
Always disconnect the mower from the mains when  
leaving it unattended.  
Switch the motor off and pull out the plug when the  
machine is not being used, being cleaned, being  
moved from one place to another or when the blades  
are being changed or adjusted.  
If there is an interruption to the power supply or the  
extension cable is damaged, switch off the machine  
immediately and remove the plug from the power  
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NOTE. There are two spacers under the blade,  
one coloured blue (24) and one coloured yellow  
IV - Getting started  
The blue spacer can be removed to increase the  
incremental cutting heights by an extra 6mm  
at all 5 settings of the height adjustment lever  
(16).The mower must not be operated without  
the yellow spacer (25) in position under the  
blade. Instructions on how to remove the blue  
spacer are given in the section on changing the  
mower blade (Section VI).  
Check regularly that the nuts, bolts, screws and other  
fittings are tight and secure.  
Keep the mower free of grass, leaves and other  
debris build-up.  
Do not tilt the appliance when switching on the motor,  
except if the appliance has to be tilted for starting.  
In this case, do not tilt it more than is absolutely  
necessary and lift only the part which is away form  
the operator. Always ensure that both hands are in the  
operating position before returning the appliance to  
the ground.  
Due to modern mass production techniques, it  
is unlikely that your power tool is faulty or that  
a part is missing. If you find anything wrong, do  
not operate the tool until the parts have been  
replaced or the fault has been rectified. Failure  
to do so could result in serious personal injury.  
CAUTION. Keep the two arms of the upper  
handle (1) parallel and insert them into the  
handle joints, both at the same time. If you  
insert one arm and then the other, you may  
damage the joints. When removing the handle,  
keep the arms parallel and remove both arms at  
the same time.  
The mower is supplied partially disassembled.  
The parts in the carton are:  
Do not try to repair the machine or access internal  
parts. Use authorised service centres only.  
Do not get distracted and always concentrate on what  
you are doing. Use common sense. Never operate  
the machine when you are tired, sick or under the  
influence of alcohol or other drugs.  
Disconnect the unit from the power supply when not in  
use, before servicing and when changing the blades.  
Keep these instructions. Refer to them frequently and  
use them to instruct other users. If you loan someone  
this unit, also loan them these instructions.  
The operator or user is responsible for accidents or  
hazards occurring to other people or their property.  
• Mower body (with blade fitted)  
• Upper handle (including switchbox, motor on/  
off grips, handle joints with twist locks, motor  
cable saddle clip and 15m power cable)  
• Lower handle (including cable tidy, motor  
cable saddle clip and blade spanner)  
Ensure that each arm of the upper handle (1)  
is properly seated in the handle joints (7) as  
• Grass box  
• 2 wing knobs and 2 lower handle fixing clips  
Failure to follow operating instructions and safety  
precautions in this instruction manual can result in  
serious injury. Read the manual before starting or  
operating this unit.  
• Loosen the two handle twist locks (8).  
• Keeping the two arms of the upper handle  
parallel, make sure that the upper handle (1) is  
fully inserted into the handle joints (7).  
CAUTION. Never carry out any assembly  
operations or adjustments with the power  
connected to the mower. Always ensure that the  
power button is in the off position and that the  
power plug is disconnected from the supply.  
Wear eye protection  
Wear hearing protection  
Wear respiratory protection  
• Retighten the two handle twist locks (8)  
turning them clockwise.  
NOTE. Make sure that the switchbox is facing  
upwards and that the orange-coloured power  
cable (5) is not wrapped around the handle.  
It must trail freely behind the switchbox on the  
upper handle.  
Ensure that the handle is in the correct  
orientation i.e. the cable tidy (10) must be on  
the uppermost side of the lower handle (17)  
as shown on the main photograph. Fit the two  
tubes of the lower handle (17) into the slots in  
the mower body (15).  
The rating plate on your tool may show symbols. These  
represent important information about the product or  
instructions on its use.  
Wear hearing protection.  
Wear eye protection.  
Wear respiratory protection.  
Do not run the mower over objects.They can  
be thrown and cause severe injury.  
CAUTION. Never carry out any assembly  
operations or adjustments with the power  
connected to the mower. Always ensure that  
the power button is in the off position and  
that the power plug is disconnected from the  
supply. Choose a level area with a firm surface,  
press the cover latch (14), lift the cover (13) and  
remove the grass box (19).  
Keep bystanders, especially children and pets  
at a distance of greater than 5m.  
Double insulated for  
additional protection.  
Fix the ends of the lower handle in position with  
the two lower handle fixing clips (18).  
Switch off and remove the plug before  
adjusting, cleaning or if the cord is damaged.  
Conforms to relevant  
safety standards.  
Using the two saddle clips (12), secure the  
black-coloured motor cable (6) to the upper  
handle (1) and lower handle (17).  
Avoid injury, do not place hands or feet near  
the rotating blade.  
Waste electrical products should not be  
disposed of with household waste. Please  
recycle where facilities exist. Check with your  
Local Authority or retailer for recycling advice.  
Blade continues to rotate after the mower  
is switched off.Wait until all parts are  
stationary before touching them.  
Pull the height adjustment lever (16) towards you  
then move it to the right to increase the cutting  
height or to the left to decrease the cutting  
Fit the handle joints (7) of the upper handle (1)  
over the die-cast ends of the lower handle (17)  
and secure them together with the wing knobs  
Do not use in the rain or leave the mower  
outdoors whilst it is raining.  
Read the instruction manual.  
Download from All Manuals Search And Download.  
Release the lever to lock it in one of the five  
stop positions.  
immediately and have the problem corrected.  
• Keep your hands on the upper handle in order  
to control the mower.  
and disconnect the power cable plug from the  
power point.  
Do not use a damaged tool and attach a label  
“DO NOT USE” to the tool.  
Ensure that you are on a flat surface and have  
secure footing.  
NOTE. There is a blue spacer (24) located  
under the blade. It can be removed to increase  
the incremental cutting heights  
• Allow the motor to stop completely before  
releasing control of the handle.  
Ensure that you are on a flat surface and have  
secure footing.Check that the upper handle (1)  
is in line with the lower handle (17) and that the  
wing knobs (9) are securely tightened.  
Press the cover latch (14) and lift the hinged  
cover (13).  
by an extra 6mm at all 5 settings of the height  
adjustment lever (16).  
Lift out the grass box (19), empty it, replace it  
and close the hinged cover (13).  
WARNING. Only use this mower when a  
Residual Current Device (RCD) with a tripping  
current of not more than 30mA is in the circuit.  
Instructions on how to remove this spacer are  
given in Step 19.  
WARNING. Do not operate the mower unless  
the grass box is in place.  
VI - Maintenance  
and repair  
V - Operation  
• Cut grass when it is dry.  
• Keep the mower blade sharp and balanced.  
Lever position  
Cutting height  
• Do not set the cutting height too low,  
especially at the beginning of the mowing  
IMPORTANT. Practise switching on and  
switching off the mower as detailed below  
before using it to cut grass for the first time.  
CAUTION. Never carry out any assembly  
operations or adjustments with the power  
connected to the mower. Always ensure that the  
power button is in the off position and that the  
power plug is disconnected from the supply.  
• Vary the cutting pattern with each mowing.  
• Use the cable restraint to secure the power  
cable (5) in order to prevent any pulling forces  
on the cable from being transmitted to the  
switch box.  
Start the mower on a hard, level surface  
(such as a driveway) that is free of debris.  
Connect the power cable (5) to the power point.  
Lever position  
Cutting height  
Periodically check the blade (22) for nicks and  
dull cutting edges and have it sharpened if  
NOTE. The power on indicator (3) lights  
showing that power is connected.  
• Make sure that the work area is free of rocks,  
debris, string or cord and other foreign  
NOTE. The blade should be sharpened and  
balanced by an authorised repair centre.If there  
are rounded or broken ends, thinned metal or  
other damage, replace the blade.  
• Where possible, start the mower before  
approaching the grass to be cut.  
Squeeze one of the motor on/off grips (4)  
towards the upper handle (1) and use the other  
hand to press the power button (2). The power  
button remains depressed as long as the  
pressure is maintained on the motor on/off grip  
Replace the grass box (19).  
• Cut the grass by moving in a straight line and  
proceed slowly.  
With the power button (2) in the off position and  
the power plug removed from the supply, take  
out the grass box (19) and turn the mower on  
its side.  
• Start cutting nearest the mains power source  
and work away from it to make it easier to  
avoid the cable.  
ATTENTION. Due to the power input of this  
product on start up, voltage drops may occur  
and this can influence other equipment  
(e.g. dimming lights). So for technical reasons  
we advise, if the mains-impedance is  
Zmax<0.444 Ohm, these disturbances are not  
expected. If you require further clarification, you  
may contact your local power supply authority.  
• At the edge of the lawn, take care to maintain  
the mower parallel with the ground to prevent  
“scalping” of the grass.  
Transfer the other hand to squeeze the second  
motor on/off grip (4).  
Put on a pair of sturdy gloves to protect your  
hands. Block the rotation of the blade (22) and  
use the blade spanner (11) to unscrew the blade  
bolt (23) in an anti-clockwise direction (viewed  
from underneath).  
As the motor picks up speed you are ready to  
begin mowing.  
• Do not cut damp or wet grass.  
• Do not overload the mower.  
To stop the motor, release pressure on both  
motor on/off grips (4) until the power button (2)  
clicks off.  
After finishing the cutting operation, release  
pressure on both motor on/off grips (4)  
and allow the motor to come to a complete  
Before use, check that the mower is in good  
working order.  
The motor is not started if pressure is re-  
applied to the motor on/off grips (4) alone. It is  
necessary to squeeze a motor on/off grip (4)  
and re-press the power button (2) to re-start  
the motor.  
Remove the blade bolt (23) and blade (22)  
taking care not to disturb any blade height  
spacers (24 and 25) that might be fitted.  
Ensure the power button is in the off position  
and disconnect the cable plug from the mains  
NOTE. The blue spacer (24) can be removed  
to increase the incremental cutting heights  
by an extra 6mm at all 5 settings of the height  
adjustment lever (16).  
Remove the cable plug from the mains supply.  
Examine the general condition of the mower.  
Inspect the body underneath the cover, blade,  
switch, power cord and extension cord (if used).  
Check for loose screws, misalignment, binding  
of moving parts, improper mounting, broken  
parts and any other condition that may affect  
its safe operation. If abnormal noise or vibration  
occurs during operation, turn the mower off  
The mower must not be operated without the  
yellow spacer (25) in position under the blade.  
As the grass collection box (19) fills with grass, it  
is clearly visible through the translucent material  
of the box.  
• To stop the motor in an emergency, simply  
release the pressure on both motor on/off  
Ensure the power button (2) is in the off position  
Check that the blade height spacers (24 and 25)  
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