Stiga Lawn Mower 8211 0229 06 User Manual

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The following symbols are displayed on the ma-  
chine in order to remind you about the safety pre-  
cautions and attention necessary when using the  
Connect the machine to an earthed, single phase  
electric socket. The circuit must be protected by a  
10A slow fuse.  
The symbols mean:  
Only use an extension cable that is approved for  
outdoor use with a maximum length of 50 m. It  
should not be lighter than type 245 IEC 53  
(H05RR-F) or 227 IEC 53 (H05VV-F). If you are  
unsure of anything, please contact your dealer.  
Warning! Read the Instruction Book and  
Safety Manual before using the machine.  
Warning! Keep spectators away. Beware of  
objects being flung out.  
Check that the extension cable is not damaged, each  
time before using the machine. The machine may  
not be used if the extension cable is damaged.Re-  
lieve the extension cable in the load relief unit on the  
steering handle (fig. 3, 4).  
Warning! Before starting any repair work,  
disconnect the plug from the wall socket.  
We recommend that you use an earth leakage cir-  
cuit breaker that will cut off the power if anything  
happens to the machine or the extension lead. If  
you use a portable earth leakage circuit breaker  
this must be fitted between the electric socket and  
the extension lead.Test the operation of the earth  
leakage circuit breaker before use.  
Warning! Keep the extension cord away  
from the cutting deck.  
Warning! Do not put hands or feet under the  
cover of the machine when it is running.  
If uncertain, contact your retailer.  
Warning! The blades continue to rotate  
even after the machine has been switched  
Keep hands and feet well away from the  
rotating blade(s). Never put your hand  
or foot under the blade casing or in the  
grass evacuation unit while the motor is  
When starting up the motor, press the handlebar to  
lift the front wheels and in that way reduce the re-  
sistance from the grass at the starting moment.  
Do not engage and disengage the motor repeatedly  
since this will build up heat because of the high cur-  
rent when starting, and this could, consequently,  
cause motor damages.  
Press the block button 1. Start the engine by press-  
ing in the start handle 2 against the steering (fig. 5).  
Release the start handle to stop the engine.  
1. Set the highest cutting height (position 3, see also  
under heading “CUTTING HEIGHT”)  
2. The parts used for installation of the lower sec-  
tion of the steering handle are installed in a pack-  
age. Remove the parts from the lower hole on the  
chassis. Then fold the lower section of the steer-  
ing handle up and fit the parts.NOTE that the  
washer A should be fitted between the screw and  
the plastic bushing (fig. 1).  
The lawn mower has an integrated overload protec-  
tor. If this trips the engine will not start. Let the en-  
gine cool for 2 minutes before restarting.  
3. Fold the upper section of the steering handle up  
and tighten the lock knobs (fig. 2).  
If the mower still does not start, contact an author-  
ised service workshop.  
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Always mow so the cable is laid out behind you on  
the grass (fig. 6).  
Never cross the cable! Should this hap-  
pen by accident, stop the motor, pull out  
the plug and check if the cable is dam-  
You must never service the motor or the lawn  
mower before first shutting off the motor and pull-  
ing out the plug.  
Use protective gloves to prevent cuts when chang-  
ing blades/knifeblades.  
Before mowing the lawn, take care to remove any  
stones toys and other hard objects.  
Blunt and damaged blades tear off the grass and  
spoil the look of the lawn after mowing. New, well  
sharpened blades cut the grass cleanly, so that the  
lawn looks green and fresh even after mowing.  
A machine with MULCHER system cuts the grass,  
chops it finely and then blows it down in the lawn.  
The grass clippings need not to be collected.  
The following rules should be observed to give  
best MULCHER effect:  
To replace the cutting blades, slacken the screw us-  
ing the enclosed blade wrench. Fit the new blade  
so that the punched STIGA logotype on the blade  
is facing upwards towards the chassis (not down  
towards the grass). Refit the screw and tighten to  
20 Nm.  
1. Do not cut the grass too short. Not more than 1/  
3rd of the length should be cut off.  
2. Always keep it clean under the mower casing.  
3. Always use a well sharpened blade.  
When replacing the blade, the blade screw should  
also be replaced.  
4. Avoid mowing when the grass is wet. The grass  
then sticks to the underside of the casing, giving  
poor mowing results.  
The guarantee does not cover damage to the blade,  
blade holder or engine caused by running into ob-  
When replacing the blade, the blade holder and  
blade screw, always use original spare parts. Non-  
authentic spare parts could lead to the risk of per-  
sonal injury or damage, even if they fit the ma-  
Do not set the cutting height so low that  
the blade/blades can hit uneven ground.  
When adjusting the cutting height - al-  
ways first disconnect the plug.  
The cutting height can be adjusted to three posi-  
tions by moving the wheel axles (fig. 7).  
Sharpening of the blades must be done by wet  
method grinding, using a whetstone or a grind-  
Position 1 = Lowest cutting height  
Position 3 = Highest cutting height  
For the sake of safety, the blades should not be  
sharpened on an emery wheel. A very high temper-  
ature could cause the blade to become brittle.  
In order to function properly the engine must be ef-  
fectively cooled. This is done by a fan which sucks  
in air at the air intake on the engine casing (fig. 8).  
Once the blade has been sharpened, it  
must then be balanced so as to avoid vi-  
bration damage (fig. 10).  
To make sure that the cooling system functions  
properly the air intake must be thoroughly cleaned  
if it has become blocked.  
The machine should be cleaned each time after  
use. For best possible mowing results it is impor-  
tant that the underside of the chassis is kept clean.  
Use a brush or blow with compressed air.  
Thoroughly clean the mower and store it indoors in  
a dry place.  
The machine must not be washed down with water.  
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