Alamo Lawn Mower Exten A Kut II User Manual

Published 03/09  
Part NO. 02969111C  
This Operator's Manual is an integral part of the safe operation of this machine and must  
be maintained with the unit at all times. READ, UNDERSTAND, and FOLLOW the Safety  
and Operation Instructions contained in this manual before operating the equipment. C01-  
Post Office Box 549  
Seguin, Texas 78156  
©2009 Alamo Group Inc.  
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Table Of Contents  
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In order to reduce accidents and enhance the safe operation of mowers, Alamo Industrial, in cooperation  
with other industry manufacturers has developed the AEM/FEMA Industrial and Agricultural Mower  
Safety Practices video and guide book.  
The video will familiarize and instruct mower-tractor operators in safe practices when using industrial  
and agricultural mowing equipment. It is important that Every Mower Operator be educated in the oper-  
ation of their mowing equipment and be able to recognize the potential hazards that can occur while oper-  
ating a mower. This video, along with the mower operator’s manual and the warning messages on the  
mower, will significantly assist in this important education.  
Your Authorized Alamo Industrial Dealer may have shown this video and presented you a DVD Video  
when you purchased your mower. If you or any mower operator have not seen this video, Watch the  
Video, Read this Operator’s Manual, and Complete the Video Guidebook before operating your new  
mower. If you do not understand any of the instructions included in the video or operator’s manual or if  
you have any questions concerning safety of operation, contact your supervisor, dealer or Alamo Indus-  
If you would like a VHS video tape of the video, please mail [email protected] or Fax  
AEM VHS Video at (830) 372-9529 or mail in a completed copy of the form on the back of this page to  
AEM VHS Video 1502 E Walnut Street, Seguin, TX 78155. and request the VHS video version. Please  
include your name, mailing address, mower model and serial number.  
Every operator should be trained for each piece of equipment (Tractor and Mower), understand the  
intended use, and the potential hazards before operating the equipment.  
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Alamo Industrial Division is willing to provide  
one (1) AEM Mower Safety Practices Video  
Please Send Me:  
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AEM Mower Operator’s Safety Manual  
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Or Fax to:  
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Safety Section 1-1  
©2009 Alamo Group Inc.  
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General Safety Instructions and Practices  
A careful operator is the best operator. Safety is of primary importance to the manufacturer and should be to  
the owner/operator. Most accidents can be avoided by being aware of your equipment, your surroundings, and  
observing certain precautions. The first section of this manual includes a list of Safety Messages that, if  
followed, will help protect the operator and bystanders from injury or death. Read and understand these Safety  
Messages before assembling, operating or servicing this Implement. This equipment should only be operated  
by those persons who have read the manual, who are responsible and trained, and who know how to do so  
The Safety Alert Symbol combined with a Signal Word, as seen below, is used throughout this  
manual and on decals which are attached to the equipment. The Safety Alert Symbol means:  
are intended to warn the owner/operator of impending hazards and the degree of possible injury  
faced when operating this equipment.  
Practice all usual and customary safe working precautions and above all---remember safety is  
up to YOU. Only YOU can prevent serious injury or death from unsafe practices.  
Indicates an imminently hazardous situation that, if not avoided, WILL result in DEATH OR  
Indicates an imminently hazardous situation that, if not avoided, COULD result in DEATH  
Indicates an imminently hazardous situation that, if not avoided, MAY result in MINOR  
Identifies special instructions or procedures that, if not strictly observed, could result in  
damage to, or destruction of the machine, attachments or the environment.  
NOTE: Identifies points of particular interest for more efficient and convenient operation or  
READ, UNDERSTAND, and FOLLOW the following Safety Messages. Serious injury or  
death may occur unless care is taken to follow the warnings and instructions stated in the  
Safety Messages. Always use good common sense to avoid hazards. (SG-2)  
Si no lee ingles, pida ayuda a alguien que si lo lea para que le traduzca las  
medidas de seguridad. (SG-3)  
Engine Exhaust, some of its constituents, and certain vehicle components contain or emit  
chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other  
reproductive harm. (SG-30)  
EK-II 03/09  
Safety Section 1-2  
©2009 Alamo Group Inc.  
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Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds,  
chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other  
reproductive harm. (SG-31)  
Operator Safety Instructions and Practices  
Never operate the Tractor or Implement until you have read and  
completely understand this Manual, the Tractor Operator’s Manual, and  
each of the Safety Messages found in the Manual or on the Tractor and  
Implement. Learn how to stop the tractor engine suddenly in an  
Never allow inexperienced or untrained personnel to  
operate the Tractor and Implement without supervision. Make sure the  
operator has fully read and understood the manuals prior to operation.  
The operator and all support personnel should wear hard hats, safety  
shoes, safety glasses, and proper hearing protection at all times for  
protection from injury including injury from items that may be thrown by  
the equipment. (SG-16)  
PERMANENT HEARING LOSS! Tractors with or without an Implement  
attached can often be noisy enough to cause permanent hearing loss.  
We recommend that you always wear hearing protection if the noise in  
the Operator’s position exceeds 80db. Noise over 85db over an  
extended period of time will cause severe hearing loss. Noise over 90db  
adjacent to the Operator over an extended period of time will cause  
permanent or total hearing loss. NOTE: Hearing loss from loud noise  
[from tractors, chain saws, radios, and other such sources close to the  
ear] is cumulative over a lifetime without hope of natural recovery. (SG-I7)  
Always read carefully and comply fully with the manufacturer’s  
instructions when handling oil, solvents, cleansers, and any other  
chemical agent. (SG-22)  
KEEP AWAY FROM ROTATING ELEMENTS to prevent entanglement  
and possible serious injury or death. (SG-24)  
Never allow children to play on or around Tractor or Implement. Children can slip or fall off  
the Equipment and be injured or killed. Children can cause the Implement to shift or fall  
crushing themselves or others. (SG-25)  
EK-II 03/09  
©2009 Alamo Group Inc.  
Safety Section 1-3  
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NEVER use drugs or alcohol immediately before or while operating the  
Tractor and Implement.  
alertness and coordination and therefore affect the operator’s ability to  
operate the equipment safely. Before operating the Tractor or  
Drugs and alcohol will affect an operator’s  
Implement, an operator on prescription or over-the-counter medication  
must consult a medical professional regarding any side effects of the  
medication that would hinder their ability to operate the Equipment safely.  
NEVER knowingly allow anyone to operate this equipment when their  
alertness or coordination is impaired. Serious injury or death to the  
operator or others could result if the operator is under the influence of  
drugs or alcohol. (SG-27)  
Prolonged operation may cause operator boredom and fatigue affecting safe operation.  
Take scheduled work breaks to help prevent these potentially impaired operating  
conditions. Never operate the Implement and Tractor in a fatigued or bored mental state  
which impairs proper and safe operation. (SG-32)  
Use extreme caution when getting onto the Implement to perform repairs, maintenance and  
when removing accumulated material. Only stand on solid flat surfaces to ensure good  
footing. Use a ladder or raised stand to access high spots which cannot be reached from  
ground level. Slipping and falling can cause serious injury or death. (SG-33)  
Avoid contact with hot surfaces including hydraulic oil tanks, pumps, motors, valves and  
hose connections. Relieve hydraulic pressure before performing maintenance or repairs.  
Use gloves and eye protection when servicing hot components. Contact with a hot surface  
or fluid can cause serious injury from burns or scalding. (SG-34)  
DO NOT operate this Implement on a Tractor that is not properly maintained. Should a  
mechanical or Tractor control failure occur while operating, immediately shut down the  
Tractor and perform repairs before resuming operation. Serious injury and possible death  
could occur from not maintaining this Implement and Tractor in good operating condition.  
Avoid contact with hot surfaces of the engine or muffler. Use gloves and eye protection  
when servicing hot components. Contact with a hot surface or fluid can cause serious injury  
from burns or scalding. (SG-38)  
The rotating parts of this machine continue to rotate even after the PTO has been turned off.  
The operator should remain in his seat for 60 seconds after the brake has been set, the  
PTO disengaged, the tractor turned off, and all evidence of rotation has ceased. (S3PT-10)  
“Wait a minute...Save a life!”  
EK-II 03/09  
©2009 Alamo Group Inc.  
Safety Section 1-4  
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Never crawl under a raised Implement supported solely by the Tractor 3-Point hitch.  
Release of the control lever or mechanical failure will result in the Implement falling and  
possible injury or death. Always securely block up the Implement before crawling  
underneath to perform repairs and service. (S3PT-19)  
The rotating parts of this machine continue to rotate even after the Tractor has been turned  
off. The operator should remain in his seat for 60 seconds after the brake has been set, the  
PTO disengaged, the tractor turned off, and all evidence of rotation has ceased. (SBM-5)  
“Wait a minute...Save a life!”  
Do not put hands or feet under mower decks. Blade Contact can result  
in serious injury or even death.  
Stay away until all motion has  
stopped and the decks are securely blocked up. (SFL-2)  
Do not put hands or feet under mower decks. Blade Contact can result  
in serious injury or even death. Stay away until all motion has stopped  
and the decks are securely blocked up. (SGM-09)  
Do not put hands or feet near the cutter bar. Blade contact can result  
in serious injury. Stay away until all motion has stopped and the  
mower is securely blocked up. (SSM-1)  
Do not operate the implement while wearing loose fitting clothing. Entanglement of the  
clothing with the rotating elements can result in serious injury or even death. Stay clear of  
all rotating elements at all times. (SSP-03)  
Connecting & Disconnecting Implement Safety Instructions & Practices  
DO NOT use a PTO adapter to attach a non-matching Implement driveline to a Tractor  
PTO. Use of an adapter can double the operating speed of the Implement resulting in  
excessive vibration, thrown objects, and blade and implement failure. Adapter use will also  
change the working length of the driveline exposing unshielded driveline areas. Serious  
bodily injury and/or equipment failure can result from using a PTO adapter. Consult an  
authorized dealer for assistance if the Implement driveline does not match the Tractor PTO.  
Always shut the Tractor completely down, place the transmission in park, and set the  
parking brake before you or anyone else attempts to connect or disconnect the Implement  
and Tractor hitches. (S3PT-15)  
EK-II 03/09  
©2009 Alamo Group Inc.  
Safety Section 1-5  
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When attaching the Implement input driveline to the Tractor PTO, it is important that the  
connecting yoke spring activated locking collar slides freely and the locking balls are seated  
securely in the groove on the Tractor PTO shaft. Push and pull the driveline back and forth  
several times to ensure it is securely attached. A driveline not attached correctly to the  
Tractor PTO shaft could come loose and result in personal injury and damage to the  
Implement. (S3PT-17)  
Before operating the Implement, check to make sure the Implement input driveline will not  
bottom out or become disengaged. Bottoming out occurs when the inner shaft penetrates  
the outer housing until the assembly becomes solid-it can shorten no more. Bottoming out  
can cause serious damage to the Tractor PTO by pushing the PTO into the Tractor and  
through the support bearings or downward onto the PTO shaft, breaking it off. A broken  
driveline can cause personal injury. (S3PT-18)  
Each Rear Wheel must have a minimum of 1500 pound contact with the  
surface to prevent lateral instability and possible tip-over which could  
result in serious bodily injury or even death. Widen the wheel tread and  
add weights if needed. Refer to the mounting instructions or call Customer Service if you  
need assistance with Couterweight Procedure. (SBM-11)  
Do Not attempt to raise or lower the boom or mower head unless the Implement is securely  
attached to the Tractor. The Implement could tip over and cause equipment damage and  
possible serious injury or death. Do Not use the boom controls to assist in installing the  
implement on the tractor. Raise or Lower the boom and mower head only while seated in the Tractor  
operator’s seat with the seat belt securely fastened. Inadvertent contact with the boom controls could allow a  
component to fall. A sudden or inadvertent fall by any of these components could cause serious injury or even  
death. (SBM-23)  
EK-II 03/09  
Safety Section 1-6  
©2009 Alamo Group Inc.  
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Equipment Operation Safety Instructions and Practices  
Never leave the Tractor and Implement unattended while the Implement is in the lifted  
position. Accidental operation of lifting lever or a hydraulic failure may cause sudden drop  
of unit with injury or death by crushing. To properly park the implement when disconnecting  
it from the tractor, lower the stand and put the retaining pin securely in place, or put a secure  
support under the A-Frame. Lower the implement carefully to the ground. Do not put hands  
or feet under lifted components. (S3PT-1)  
This Implement is wider than the Tractor. Be careful when operating or transporting this  
equipment to prevent the Implement from running into or striking sign posts, guard rails,  
concrete abutments or other solid objects. Such an impact could cause the Implement and  
Tractor to pivot violently resulting in loss of steering control, serious injury, or even death.  
Never allow the Implement to contact obstacles. (S3PT-12)  
Use extreme caution when raising the Mower head. Stop the Blades from turning when the  
Mower Head is raised and passersby are within 100 yards. Raising the Mower head  
exposes the Cutting Blades which creates a potentially serious hazard and can cause serious injury by objects  
thrown from the Blades or by contact with the Blades. (SBM-2)  
Never Leave the mower unattended while the head is in the raised  
position. The mower could fall causing serious injury to anyone who  
might inadvertently be under the mower. (SBM-4)  
Always keep a careful lookout and use extreme care when working  
around overhead obstructions. Never allow the Mower head or boom  
within 10 feet of any power line. When working close to overhead  
power lines consult your electric company for a safe code of operation.  
The center of Gravity of Tractors equipped with a Rear-Mounted Boom  
Mower is shifted to the rear and removes weight from the front wheels.  
Add front ballast until at least 20% of the tractors weight is on the front  
wheels to prevent rearing up, loss of steering control, and possibly  
injury. (SBM-10)  
The Mower shaft speed must not - UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES - exceed 1800 RPM.  
Use extreme care and Safety Awareness when using the boom mower head to mulch loose  
brush or wood that has fallen on the ground from overhead trimming. DO NOT mulch this  
debris if bystanders, vehicles, livestock or buildings are within 300 feet of the mower. This cut debris can be  
thrown at great velocities and could result in serious injury or even death. (SBM-17)  
EK-II 03/09  
Safety Section 1-7  
©2009 Alamo Group Inc.  
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Do not back up this implement when the boom or mower head is extended. Backing could  
damage the machine or its components. (SBM-19)  
Follow these guidelines to reduce the risk of equipment and  
grass fires while operating, servicing, and repairing the Mower  
and Tractor:  
-Equip the Tractor with a fire extinguisher in an accessible  
-Do Not operate the Mower on a Tractor with an underframe  
-Do Not smoke or have an open flame near the Mower and  
-Do Not drive into burning debris or freshly burnt areas.  
-Do Not attempt to mow or place the mower head close to  
burning debris.  
-Never allow clippings or debris to collect near drivelines,  
gearboxes or hydrualic componts such as valves, tanks,  
pumps and motors. Periodically shut down the Tractor and  
Mower and clean clippings and collected debris from the  
mower deck. (SBM-20)  
Do not operate Mower if excessive vibration exists.  
engine. Inspect the Mower to determine the source of the vibration. If Mower blades are  
missing or damaged replace them immediately. Do not operate the mower until the  
Shut down PTO and the Tractor  
blades have been replaced and the Mower operates smoothly. Operating the Mower with  
excessive vibration can result in component failure and broken objects to be thrown  
outward at very high velocities. To reduce the possibility of property damage, serious injury,  
or even death, never allow the Mower to be operated with blades missing. (SFL-4)  
EK-II 03/09  
©2009 Alamo Group Inc.  
Safety Section 1-8  
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Flail Mowers are capable under adverse conditions of throwingobjects  
for great distances (100 yards or more) and causing seriousinjury or  
death. Follow safety messages carefully.  
-Front and Rear Deflectors, Chain Guards, or Bands are installed and in good,  
-Mower sections  
or Wings are running close to and parallel to the ground  
withoutexposed Blades;  
-Passerby are outside the existing thrown-object zone;-All areas have been thoroughly  
inspected and all foreign material such as rocks, cans, glass, and general debris has  
been removed.  
NOTE: Where there are grass and weeds high enough to hide debris that could  
bestruck by the blades, the area should be: inspected and large debris removed, mowed  
atan intermediate height, inspected, closely with any remaining debris being removed,  
andmowed again at desired final height. (This will also reduce power required to  
mow,reduce wear and tear on the Mower drivetrain, spread cut material better,  
eliminatestreaking, and make the final cut more uniform.) (SFL-6)  
Operate this Equipment only with a Tractor equipped with an approved roll-  
over-protective system (ROPS). Always wear seat belts. Serious injury or  
even death could result from falling off the tractor--particularly during a turnover  
when the operator could be pinned under the ROPS. (SG-7)  
BEFORE leaving the tractor seat, always engage the brake and/or set  
the tractor transmission in parking gear, disengage the PTO, stop the  
engine, remove the key, and wait for all moving parts to stop. Place the  
tractor shift lever into a low range or parking gear to prevent the tractor  
from rolling. Never dismount a Tractor that is moving or while the engine  
is running. Operate the Tractor controls from the tractor seat only. (SG-9)  
Never allow children or other persons to ride on the Tractor or Implement.  
Falling off can result in serious injury or death. (SG-10)  
Never allow children to operate, ride on, or come close to the Tractor or  
Implement. Usually, 16-17 year-old children who are mature and  
responsible can operate the implement with adult supervision, if they  
have read and understand the Operator’s Manuals, been trained in  
proper operation of the tractor and Implement, and are physically large  
enough to reach and operate the controls easily. (SG-11)  
EK-II 03/09  
Safety Section 1-9  
©2009 Alamo Group Inc.  
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Do not mount or dismount the Tractor while the tractor is moving. Mount  
the Tractor only when the Tractor and all moving parts are completely  
stopped. (SG-12)  
Start tractor only when properly seated in the Tractor seat. Starting a  
tractor in gear can result in injury or death. Read the Tractor operators  
manual for proper starting instructions. (SG-13)  
Do not operate this Equipment with hydraulic oil or fuel leaking. Oil  
and fuel are explosive and their presence could present a hazard. Do  
not check for leaks with your hand! High-pressure oil streams from  
breaks in the line could penetrate the skin and cause tissue damage  
including gangrene. To check for a hose leak, SHUT the unit ENGINE  
OFF and remove all hydraulic pressure. Wear oil impenetrable gloves,  
safety glasses and use Cardboard to check for evidence of oil leaks. If  
you suspect a leak, REMOVE the HOSE and have it tested at a Dealer.  
If oil does penetrate the skin, have the injury treated immediately by a  
physician knowledgeable and skilled in this procedure. (SG-15)  
Never run the Tractor engine in a closed building or without adequate ventilation. The  
exhaust fumes can be hazardous to your health. (SG-23)  
Do not exceed the rated PTO speed for the Implement. Excessive PTO speeds can cause  
Implement driveline or blade failures resulting in serious injury or death. (SG-26)  
Operate the Tractor and/or Implement controls only while properly seated in the Tractor seat  
with the seat belt securely fastened around you. Inadvertent movement of the Tractor or  
Implement may cause serious injury or death. (SG-29)  
In case of mechanical difficulty during operation, place the transmission in the park  
position, set the parking brake, shut down all power, including the PTO and the engine and  
remove the key. Wait until all rotating motion has stopped before dismounting. (SG-39)  
EK-II 03/09  
©2009 Alamo Group Inc.  
Safety Section 1-10  
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